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Established in 1999

Pripol Forensic provides professional, independent security solutions & independent investigative outcomes. We can investigate matters, establish the facts and recommend strategies to reduce any associated ongoing security risks.

Our focus is on individuals and small to medium businesses (SME's) who are exposed to increased security risks within a dynamic security landscape. Having access to private policing skillsets and expertise is critical to your ongoing resilience from a security perspective. 

Cost effective - we are mindful of desire for cost-effective outcomes. We adopt a transparent, timely, intelligent, planned approach involving the latest technology & investigative processes.

Integrity & Independence - by using our forensic & security services we can provide you with critical knowledge & independence to assist you with evidence-based decisions.

Knowledge, expertise & experience - our investigation & security specialists are knowledgeable & experienced in contemporary investigative methodology & application of technology. Pripol Forensic is a boutique firm which is adaptable to & aware of the changing security landscape. We focus on best practice investigation outcomes & strategic security solutions.

Procedural fairness & natural justice - for any type of investigation it is critical the outcome can stand the Court's scrutiny, therefore, procedural fairness, independence and investigation methodology are critical components of a successful outcome. Organisations or situations where procedural fairness may be compromised or a conflict of interest is present or perceived should consider outsourcing the investigation process.

The security landscape is changing rapidly and so are the increased threats - be proactive call us.

Why organisations should consider an independent workplace investigator.

04/04/2019 - iHR Australia 

Last September, iHR Australia Managing Director Stephen Bell highlighted that through training in the area of Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment; managers must know that a direct line supervisor cannot conduct an independent investigation into an allegation of unlawful behaviour about one of their staff.

Mr Bell made note that any investigator, including an internal investigator, should be appointed to conduct an investigation with clearly stated written terms of reference. Where possible, an independent investigation should be the priority. It is important for organisations to consider an independent investigation, as implementing an unbiased process may reduce the potential negative impacts.

An article published by Cinzia Pietrolungo at Macpherson Kelley brought attention to a recent case by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal where the employer was ordered to pay out $150,000 in damages to a female employee who suffered sexual harassment under a senior male employee. The complainant, who never returned to work following the incident, made allegations to which the organisation responded with an internal investigation.

The internal investigation concluded that the complainant's allegations were unsubstantiated. However, in the following case, the judge ruled that the organisation's investigation process was biased and misdirected; that is, a neutral position was not taken during the investigation process. As such the complainant was awarded damages for the ordeal.

Dr Verena Marshall notes, "An internal investigator often brings knowledge of the people and organisational systems to the investigation process; there is, nonetheless, the risk they also bring their version of the story and its application to 'what happened'. An external investigator ideally does not know the personalities or politics around the complaint; their ability to bring impartiality and objectivity to the investigation process adds to its robustness. The resultant 'arm's length' approach to conducting an investigation is particularly important when the findings are significant for those they affect, and when they may be scrutinised in an external (judicial) arena."

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