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About Pripol Forensic - investigations & security consulting

Established in 1999, Pripol Forensic provides professional, independent security expertise and investigative outcomes.

Our focus is on individuals and small to medium businesses (SME's) who are exposed to increased security risks within a dynamic security landscape. 

Cost effective - our investigations for security threat assessments are mindful of effective cost-effective outcomes. We adopt a transparent, timely, intelligent, planned approach involving the latest technology and management processes.

Independent - by using Pripol's forensic services we can apply and provide you with the necessary knowledge and independence to assist with critical decisions.

Knowledge & experience - our investigation and security specialists are knowledgable and experienced in a range of investigative techniques and use of technology. We are a boutique firm which is adaptable to and aware of the changing security landscape. Our focus is on workplace, fraud and corruption investigation, along with capability of providing contemporary strategic security advice as part of the solution.

Procedural fairness - for any type of investigation it is critical the outcome can stand the Court's scrutiny therefore procedural fairness, independence and investigation methodology are critical components of a successful outcome.

Organisations or situations where procedural fairness may be compromised or a conflict of interest is present or perceived, should consider outsourcing the investigation process.

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